An Automobile Accidents Lawyer in New Iberia LA can Protect Clients from Liability

Certain factors can affect the amount of time required to resolve a car accident claim. Disputed liability can cause prolonged delays, and the other driver’s insurer may be reluctant to accept financial responsibility. Here, readers can learn how liability disputes may affect a car accident case.

When Liability Isn’t In Question

If the other party’s liability isn’t disputed, certain things need to happen before a claim can be resolved. Medical treatment should be completed, or the client should have a clear idea of what future treatment will entail. The victim’s Automobile Accidents Lawyer in New Iberia LA should have copies of all medical bills and records, as well as proof of lost income.

When the attorney has the right information, they will submit a demand letter to the other party’s insurer. From there, negotiations lead to a settlement offer; when both sides agree on an amount, the case is settled. If the sides can’t agree and the offer isn’t accepted, a lawsuit is often the next step. Once a lawsuit is filed, a trial date will be assigned. However, cases may be settled at any time before trial.

If Liability is in Doubt

In cases where liability is in doubt, claim resolution will take longer. A common dispute scenario involves red light running, where each person claims the other is at fault and there are no credible witnesses. In these cases, a settlement offer from the other person’s insurer will reflect an amount reduced by the percentage of fault attributable to the victim. Unless that amount is agreeable, a lawsuit is the only way to get the information needed to settle the claim.

Once a car accident suit is filed, a case can take a year or more to reach the trial phase. However, these cases can be settled at any time before the trial begins. Most cases settle out of court, but it is difficult to predict whether a particular case will go to court. An Automobile Accidents Lawyer in New Iberia LA with can give legal advice, but it’s up to the client whether to accept the insurer’s settlement offer.

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