Jan 17, 2014

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An Attorney in Toledo Will Work on Your Behalf

If you’ve suffered an injury due to the actions or negligence of someone else, you probably have a number of questions going through your head; “How serious are my injuries?”; “How much work will I have to miss?”; “Will I ever be able to return to my old job?”; and “How will I ever be able to afford the medical bills?”. These are all legitimate questions and they can leave you feeling anxious and insecure about your future. That is usually the time an insurance company representative will swoop in and offer you a settlement check. They know you’re scared and vulnerable and this is an opportunity to get your case off their books for a minimum amount of money. The best advice to you is to disregard all offers until you have secured experienced legal representation. Let your attorney assess these offers and determine how to proceed.

You may be hesitant to contact an Attorney in Toledo because of the cost, but the initial consultation is free of charge and you pay nothing unless they are able to either win or settle your case, so put your mind at ease. During the consultation your attorney will listen to your account of the facts and decide what the best course of action will be. He and the legal team he assembles will work relentlessly to protect your rights and achieve a favorable result on your behalf. That team may consist of highly-trained paralegals, experienced accident investigators, expert witnesses, and others, but their objective is to see that you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to under the law. Your attorney will work to achieve this for you in two ways; he will build a solid case for you should it reach trial, and he will work tenaciously to hammer out an acceptable settlement for you with the insurance company and their lawyers. Nothing motivates an insurance company o negotiate in good faith like a well-prepared Attorney in Toledo.

The attorneys at Rubin and Zyndorf Associates will use all of their resources when representing you and you will have the benefit of their years of experience in these types of cases.

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