An Animal Hospital in Los Angeles Can Provide Lifetime Pet Care

You need to regularly visit a vet from the time your dog or cat is a puppy or kitten until it is a senior. When a pet is young, it should receive all the age-appropriate vaccinations, as well as receive a full physical. Other services include de-worming, nail trims, and heartworm prevention treatments. Nutritional counseling should be part of the service package.

Taking Care of Puppies and Kittens

After an initial visit at an animal hospital in Los Angeles, age-appropriate vaccinations should still be given along with nail trims. Deworming and stool sample tests should be performed in addition to a vaccination for rabies. These kinds of measures can be provided for young animals up to six months of age.

Adult Dogs and Cats

When pets reach the adult stage of life, they often are defined as being from one to seven years old. The exact age of adulthood is contingent on size and breed. Larger dog breeds tend to age more quickly. When you visit an animal hospital and clinic during this phase of your pet’s life, physical exams and lifestyle-appropriate vaccinations will normally be administered along with heartworm testing and age-appropriate health screens.

Lifestyle Considerations

Animal hospital staff members define an animal’s lifestyle by its environment. For example, some dogs live, for the most part, inside a home while other dogs spend much of their time outdoors. As a result, the vaccinations can differ, depending on a cat or dog’s regular routine. Besides these measures, urine and blood tests are necessary for early detection of disease.

Most senior pets are animals that are over seven years of age. During this time of life, veterinarians monitor organ or skeletal changes, which often become more common with age. Once more, early detection is important. To obtain further information, click on website to find out more about the service offerings.

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