Ammunition Store in Los Angeles California

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for anything firearms and ammunition, check us out. Our ammunition store in Los Angeles, CA, is in Santa Fe Springs with a huge inventory of the most popular items and brands that will help support your firearms needs.

We at S Browne Supply have been providing our customers firearms and ammunition since 2014, including brands and items on belts, gloves, holsters, law enforcement gear, lights, mace and magazine pouches.

We are in fact a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce, providing you the kind of support you need to foster your recreational firearm aspirations and self-defense protection.

Our inventory supports well respected and loved Colt, Glock and Smith and Wesson with members who appreciate and use them. They can be your resource as you further your knowledge of your chosen firearm piece and expand your experience.

Our store has been enhanced through the years to make it easier for our patrons to shop and just enjoy being in a like-minded community. We’ve made it easier for our wheelchair-bound members with our wheelchair accessible entrance and parking. We have in-store pickup where you’re able to pay both by check or debit card.

We are proud that we are an establishment owned by women, a rarity that comes with a lot of care. We put our love for firearms and ammunitions into our store where you can feel supported.

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