May 9, 2014

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Amenities that Should be Found in Boutique Hotels in Long Island

Whenever you find yourself in upscale hotels, whether in Long Island or any other city, you want to be wowed by the amenities you find. Boutique accommodations should definitely be offering great amenities, because they are chic and fashionable. They want to wow you with personal attention. In some cases, these hotels will specifically ask you what your favorite brands are and include them in your room!

However, even if your favorite boutique hotel doesn’t stock your personal brand, there are certain things that should be included in your room that is free of charge.

Bathroom Items

Most regular hotels offer a two-in-one shampoo/conditioner, but most women refuse to use these because they don’t do anything for their hair. Boutique options will usually have a separate bottle of shampoo and conditioner to ensure that ladies’ tresses are shiny and easy to comb through. You should also receive some body wash and some luxury hotels are also offering special facial wash instead of those annoying bar soaps.

If you are journeying by anything other than air, you can always bring along your favorite toiletries, but this doesn’t work as well when traveling by airplane because of the new rules. Therefore, it is helpful to know your hotel of choice has what you need. If you are unsure, consider asking them.

Room Items

Almost every hotel has an iron and a microwave, because these are considered the norm. Though these accommodations are hoping you eat in their dining rooms or go out, they should offer the helpful microwave in case you want some late-night popcorn or other warmed snack.

Your room will also usually come with a television and cable of some sort, unless it is a hotel that expressly states it is for those that need to get away from technology for a few days. The same is true of wireless or wired Internet services. People enjoy watching television at home, so it is safe to say they will also enjoy watching while on vacation. The same is true for the Internet; you may be on a business trip that requires you to have the world wide web at your disposable, but even if you are on vacation, it may be too difficult to withstand checking emails or checking your favorite social media site.

If you happen to need something that isn’t available in your room (such as a sewing kit), consider calling the front desk and asking; if they have it, they will allow you to use it.

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