Jun 1, 2017

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Amazing Benefits and Applications of Aluminum Anodizing

Amazing Benefits and Applications of Aluminum Anodizing

Aluminum anodizing is an electrochemical process where the surface of aluminum products is modified to create a hard transparent layer, therefore protecting the parts against everyday wear and tear. The anodizing process may be combined with electrolytic coloring to give various organic dyes or UV proof colors. The added anodic layer remains 100% aluminum with all its inherent characteristics, creating other numerous benefits.


Aluminum anodizing boosts the beneficial qualities of aluminum in various ways.

Durability: The primary benefit of aluminum anodizing is increased durability and lifespan. Anodizing aluminum extrusion products add a protective layer, making them more resistant to wear from normal handling and usage.

Corrosion resistance: It produces a thick outer coating and also proper sealing that increases the corrosion resistivity of the surface by preventing further oxidation.

Finishing: The process of anodizing with aluminum creates a lovely finish with either a colorized or a transparent appearance.

Strength: The anodized aluminum surface is harder than pure aluminum and can withstand UV light that is the primary cause of surface coating damage and failure.

Lasting Color. Aluminum anodizing adds a color finish that is more enduring as it causes the surface to obtain more adhesive and porous qualities during the anodizing procedure. The anodic film coating created allows for effective dyeing processes to be carried out.


A major disadvantage of aluminum anodizing is the material’s lack of chemical resistance. After being exposed to corrosive substances for a long time, an anodic layer can break down due to acidic pollutants in the air.


Aluminum anodizing has numerous commercial uses and different consumer applications across a variety of industries. The advantages of this durable and resistant finish are beneficial in the manufacturing of the parts used in automotive and aircraft products. Construction and architectural projects use the strengthened materials due to their ability to withstand all types of weather.

From the smallest appliances in our houses to the satellites orbiting the Earth that are sheltered from the impact of debris, the benefits of aluminum anodizing are massive.

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