Aug 8, 2014

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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care at Home

If you have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia, you know how important it is that they receive the best care possible. Advanced care is often required in these scenarios, but you’ll be happy to know that services are now available that allow your loved one to remain at home instead of in a nursing home. This is incredibly important to some families, and the quality of care is the same – if not higher – as it would be in an assisted living facility. The only difference is your loved one doesn’t have to leave the place they’ve called home for so many years.

Trained Professionals
The professionals that provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care at home are trained nurses who know how to respond in any scenario. Whether it’s assisting with simple daily tasks or leaping into action should an emergency arise, you can truly feel confident about the level of care they’re capable of providing. Additionally, many of these specialists are trained to work with those suffering from memory disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia specifically. Because these conditions often require a higher form of education and understanding, this truly is the best route to take if your loved one is in the early or advanced stages of either one of these illnesses. Never again will you have to be concerned about “what if” scenarios.

Providing the Necessary Level of Care
The nurses who will provide your loved one with quality Alzheimer’s and dementia care at home are available on various schedules. For example, if your loved one doesn’t require 24/7 care, but does need assistance with daily tasks – having a nurse on an hourly basis would probably be the most beneficial. However, if you’re growing more concerned about your loved one being left alone and their condition has recently progressed, you might want to consider a live-in caregiver. Regardless of what your specific situation may be, rest assured that there are practical options available regarding the care of your friend or family member.

Dignity and Independence
Living at home during one’s senior years can be incredibly beneficial. Not only does it allow your loved one to enjoy the place they’ve made a home, it maintains their dignity and independence even when some assistance is necessary. Many people aren’t aware that in-home caregivers are available on a regular basis, but this beneficial service is increasing in popularity. Instead of letting your beloved friend or family member live alone without the Alzheimer’s and dementia care they require, get the information necessary to take the next step. Quality care doesn’t require relocation to a nursing home, and you can both have peace of mind knowing that a trained professional will be available when they need them most.

Visit today to learn more about the professional in-home care provided by Capital City Nurses’ team of professionals. Offering both hourly and live-in services, they specialize in assisting those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as other memory-related conditions.

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