Feb 12, 2015

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Aluminum Scrap Prices Can Supplement Your Income

Aluminum Scrap Prices Can Supplement Your Income

You may not have realized it, but your home is a virtual treasure trove. I don’t recommend you get out your shovel and start digging up your backyard just yet. It is highly unlikely that your great uncle buried gold bars in your backyard when he visited last summer. If you live in Florida, I guess it is technically possible that some Spanish pirate in the 1600s buried treasure from the Queen’s ships in the land where your house now sits. Still, I would not go find your shovel just yet. You see, the treasure trove I am referring to not buried in your yard. This treasure trove is right in front of your eyes. I am talking about recycling some of the excess aluminum laying around your home. With aluminum scrap prices at the level they are today, you can easily supplement your income.

Where Can I Find Aluminum to Recycle?

As I previously mentioned, aluminum is all over your home. It is used in door knobs, window frames, and refrigerators, as well as indoor and outdoor furniture. Before you go taking door knobs off doors and dismantling refrigerators though, let me suggest some more portable sources of aluminum. Common household items that are made of aluminum include toasters, saucepans, and kitchen utensils. Aluminum can also be found in sports equipment, like tennis balls and golf clubs. You probably should not go stealing your father’s golf clubs or your mother’s saucepans when you need some extra cash though. Instead, start collecting and gathering the two must common types of aluminum found around your home: aluminum foil and soda cans. You can sometimes find aluminum cans along the roadside. Collect these and you’ll be cleaning up your town while you earn some extra spending money. You can also ask your friends and relatives to save their cans for you. And, you can start recycling programs at your school and organizations of which you are a member. At today’s aluminum scrap prices, you can supplement your income nicely.

How Do I Recycle Aluminum Cans? How Much Money Will I Earn?

Recycling aluminum is easy. Locate a nearby recycling center. These companies pay the current aluminum scrap prices based on the weight of the cans you bring to them. It takes approximately 34 twelve-ounce aluminum soda cans to equal a pound. In the United States, at the time of this writing, aluminum scrap prices ranged between seventy cents per pound and 80 cents per pound. At the lowest end of the spectrum, you would earn around two cents for every can you bring in for recycling. This may not sound like much, but it adds up. For example, statistics show that the average American consumes almost 600 cans of soda each and every year. A family of four, therefore, would consume 2,400 cans. This would equal between $49 and $56 extra dollars per year. If several families save their cans for you, you can easily earn a few extra hundred dollars every year.

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