Jan 30, 2015

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Allow the Dentists in Collegeville to Care for Your Child’s Cavity

The moment your child cuts his or her first tooth, you begin working diligently to protect their dental health. Unfortunately, your child’s teeth are in danger of developing cavities. If your child develops a cavity, it is important you have it treated right away. A cavity can wreak havoc on your child’s smile and can lead to the spread of decay in other teeth. The sooner your child’s tooth is repaired, the less likely permanent damages will occur.

When your child has a cavity, you will need to schedule an appointment with the Dentists in Collegeville. The dentist will work with your child to make him or her feel as comfortable as possible. This is why many dentists give children laughing gas to help relax them. This helps them to feel sleepy so they are less likely to feel frightened during any work being carried out.

To treat a cavity, the Dentists in Collegeville will first need to remove any damaged areas of tooth tissue. This means removing all of the decayed areas. Once this tissue has been removed, this will leave behind an opening that will need to be filled so your child’s tooth is protected and not in danger of further damage.

The type of filling your child receives will depend on whether or not the affected tooth is a baby or adult tooth. There are different types of fillings that can be used. They include composite, porcelain and metal alloy. A filling seals off your child’s tooth so they will not experience nerve pain. This also prevents food and drink from entering the tooth and causing further decay.

Once your child’s tooth has been filled, it should be protected from further damage. Your child may feel some slight discomfort once the feeling comes back. This is most often due to injection site pain. You can help your child to feel more comfortable through using a children’s pain reliever.

If your child has the symptoms of a cavity, contact Pediatric Dentistry of Phoenixville. Allow them to schedule you an appointment so your child’s tooth can be repaired. Call today and protect your child’s smile.

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