All That You Need to Know About 3M Night Vision Window Film

Are you someone who loves floor to ceiling windows but absolutely hates the damage that is caused by direct sunlight hitting your furniture? If so, the 3M window film night vision series is made for you. They give a great combination of warmth, low reflectivity, and clear views at night.

Key Features of Night Vision Films

3M night vision window film provides a great level of heat rejection. This helps in keeping the inner environment of your property comfortable. When too much heat is trapped inside a building, it increases air conditioning costs. The cooling system will have to work harder to maintain the internal temperature at a particular setting.

Too many windows have two major drawbacks. There is too much heat in the daytime and a lack of privacy. High quality 3M night vision window film provides clear views through windows at night.

Reduces Heat

These window films reduce the sun’s heat by 71%. This helps in protecting the skin and eyes from the direct glare of UV rays. In the long run, you will notice a much lesser strain on your eyes as compared to working or living in a place where the windows do not have any coating.


The window film is scratch-resistant and has great durability. It gives your windows an upscale look without the hefty costs of upgrading them.

Why Is 3M Night Vision Window Film a Good Investment?

It comes with a comprehensive warranty so you know that you have invested in the right brand and product. Considering the number of advantages that it offers, this is an investment that will save you a lot of expenses in the future.

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