All About Professional Search Engine Optimization in Columbus, OH

Some SEO practices are basic, and others are complex. There are also proven methods, risks, and roadblocks.

White Hat SEO – The Recommended Method

These SEO techniques are recommended by Google. To get started, you’ll need to:

• Create quality content for your website
• Optimize the HTML codes on the website
• Share the content on social media
• Make your website user-friendly

Black Hat SEO – The Risky Method

Black hat SEO strategies work, but they have major risks. To protect your rankings, you must understand what black hat techniques are so that you can avoid them. You should never:

• Cloak your website
• Keyword stuff
• Use irrelevant keywords
• Link spam
• Overly optimize your HTML headings
• Buy links
• Copy content

Gray Hat SEO – The Middle Ground

Gray hat SEO methods are questionable, but they’re not banned by Google. Here are four examples of gray hat SEO:

• Paid reviews
• Spun articles
• Link exchanges
• Clickbait

The Fundamentals of Professional SEO

On-page SEO is the foundation of an SEO campaign. It’s all about the keywords. You must add relevant keywords to your pages to attract the bots.

Off-page SEO will improve your site’s rankings in the search results. It focuses on shares, comment, reviews, and backlinks.

Technical SEO rounds up the quintessential tools for success. The technical aspects of a website include:

• Site speed and performance

• Site structure

• Mobile friendliness

If you need professional search engine optimization in Columbus, OH for your website, never take shortcuts. Be patient and use trusted White Hat SEO techniques.

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