Jun 21, 2018

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All About Oilfields – How the Heart of North American Energy is Constructed

All About Oilfields – How the Heart of North American Energy is Constructed

If you’re from Canada – or, really, anywhere in North America – you’ve undoubtedly heard of the oil fields of Alberta. If not, you’re certainly familiar with their products! But have you ever wondered how those industry-supporting oilfields are built? Read on to learn more about oilfield construction and its impact on our everyday lives.

Setting Up the Area

Oilfields have to be built around the areas where oil can be extracted, which makes the process of setting up an oilfield logistically complicated. This may require workers to set up camp in these areas for long periods of time as they make exact measurements and create a safe space for drilling and drawing up the oil and gas from the ground. Today, companies who perform oilfield construction first use machinery that helps identify oil sources underground before that ground is ever broken. This way, less preparation is needed, and far fewer mistakes are made.

Breaking Ground

Once an oilfield is set up, drilling rigs or pump jacks – also known in the industry as “nodding donkeys” due to their up and down bobbing motion while in use – are spaced around the premises. These machines create the actual withdrawal of oil and other products that the field is set up to mine. They put petroleum and gas products through multiple stages – known as recovery phases – to safely withdraw and begin the refining process so these products can be used by people all over the world.

Building Close to Home

Alberta, Canada is home to some of the richest deposits of oil anywhere in the western hemisphere. To the surprise of many, Canada is the top supplier of oil and petroleum products to the United States and Canada itself. North America gets over 40% of its oil right at home in Alberta!

It only makes sense, then, that so much oilfield construction takes place right here in Canada. With much of the western world looking to Alberta for its oil, oilfield construction companies are busy every day with building new facilities and improving current ones to meet ever-growing needs as safely and effectively as possible.

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