Jul 6, 2015

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All about Loading Dock Seals in St Louis

One of the most common features in most buildings, a loading dock, is a specific area in a building from where a person can load or unload goods vehicles. Loading bays or docks are commonly found in industrial and commercial buildings such as the shopping malls, etc. Many warehouses also have loading bays. The loading bay allows for efficient loading and unloading of goods. Rather than pick up cartons and then pile them on a goods vehicle, workers can directly transport the items inside the trailer.

You should not confuse loading bays with ordinary doors. They have a number of distinctive features that make them different. The trailer where goods are loaded on the vehicle is elevated from the ground. As a result, the loading bay must be elevated to a similar height. Loading dock seals are located on the side of the opening in order to prevent any external atmospheric elements from entering inside. The loading dock seals compress when the truck is parked. Many companies sell loading dock seals in St Louis. However, apart from the seals, there are several other features you should know about.


The bumpers are placed all around the bay opening area. When the truck pulls up to the door, it can damage the walls. The bumpers prevent that from happening. Made from strong rubber, the bumpers are often used by the driver as a guide. The driver positions the truck in line with the bumpers and then backs it up. The trailer automatically stops once contact is made with the bumpers.

Dock Leveler

Different trucks have different heights. That’s why there’s a separate platform between the loading bay and the truck. The height of the platform can be adjusted depending upon the height of the truck. Many different kinds of dock platforms are available. Some are powered by mechanical springs while others are powered by air or hydraulic systems.

The Restraint System

To prevent the truck from rolling away, there’s a separate hook located underneath the loading bay. Once the truck is parked in line with the dock, the hook is connected to the truck and tightened. Thus, the workers can load items on the truck without having to worry about the truck rolling off. The dock lock is generally powered by a hydraulic, mechanical or an electrical system. It can also work in tandem with the wheel chocks.

All of these mechanisms, along with the seals, work to make the material handling process easier. In industrial buildings, several trucks are loaded on by one. Time is of the essence. That’s why it is important to keep the loading bay in proper working order.

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