Nov 7, 2013

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Airsoft Gamers Can Have Replica Sniper Rifles

Airsoft as a game has come out of nowhere to take the gaming world by storm. Airsoft AEG is no computer game; this is the real thing, with real guns; however the ammo is soft pellets that do no harm to anyone. The weapons that are available to the participants of this exciting new pastime are amazing; some of them are ringers for M16s and H&K M27s, the same weapons that are in use today by the world’s elite forces and modern police SWAT teams. The game, as many games are, was developed in Japan, a society that frowns on real guns to the point where they are impossible to purchase.

Airsoft AEG is played by a number of different participants. The games can be short term battles with a win or lose outcome or they can be simulations of historic battles as well as simulated military operations. There are Airsoft parks in many locales where the battlefield can be recreated by the enthusiasts. The area for the mock battles is fixed, when a player is “shot” by the opposition, he or she steps out of the “battlefield.” There are many different variations on a theme, they include Deathmarch. Capture the Flag and Close Quarter Battle. In many cases the participants develop a game based on their own criteria.

When you look at the guns that are used for Airsoft, you would find it hard not to think they were the real things, they are exact replicas of actual weapons. The gun is fired using a spring action, a battery or a gas cylinder. The Airsoft participants have a certain criteria they follow when purchasing their weapon; the battery life for an electric version, the capacity of the magazine and the range are all important.

Participants in Airsoft games usually start with an entry level weapon, as they develop more skills, some move up to sophisticated sniper rifles. The sniper rifle is expensive, one can easily run to $400 plus. In spite of the price, experienced players will persevere as they often require upgrading to meet the participants satisfaction.

Regardless of what weapon is used, the people who play this game have a lot of fun and they take it quite serious, there are a number of organized groups in most major centers.

Airsoft GI has the largest selection of AEG Airsoft Rifles on the internet. New weapons and accessories are being introduced constantly, check the supply and be the first to own the newest weapon.

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