Sep 24, 2014

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Airsoft Assault Rifles Give Players an Edge

The fast-paced, action-packed fun of airsoft games can be a little hard to keep up for players with only handguns to use. That’s why so many who discover a passion for this sport find that airsoft assault rifles are an absolute must.

Why Choose Assault Rifles?

While airsoft assault rifles don’t offer the ease of concealment that a simple handgun might, they provide players with some advantages smaller airsoft guns simply cannot. When a full assault rifle is used in play, the edges gained include:

  • Faster firing – Assault rifles are designed to enable players the ability to rapid fire on targets. This increases the chances for hits and it boosts chances for wins.

  • More ammunition – Run out of ammo and a game is over. Players with airsoft assault rifles can get magazines that can hold a tremendous amount of pellets. Some models, for example, can fire up to 500 rounds, for some serious action and heavy fire. And, since secondary magazines can be carried, reloading with a lot more ammo doesn’t take much time at all

  • Optics – Becoming a precision shooter with airsoft assault rifles is made a whole lot easier when accessories, such as advanced optics, and better sighting are added onto a gun. Handguns simply don’t support additional accesories that rifles can.

Rifles simply lend a greater air of realism to the sport and make it critical for players to use smart tactics to avoid fire. Whether it’s a backyard game or a serious scrimmage in the woods, this type of hardware takes airsoft play to the next level.

Making the Action More Fun

Airsoft assault rifles up the stakes and realism of the game, but it’s important to make sure all safety accessories are used when this type of gun is being fired. Players should be certain to wear eye protection, helmets, and protective gear. Much like paintball, airsoft BBs don’t typically hurt much more than a sting or a pinch, but rifles do up the ante a bit. When sudden bursts are released, players on the opposing team should have proper gear to protect against the barrage.

Airsoft assault rifles are available at in a number of styles and price points. Adding them to an arsenal can help players experience the game in a whole new way.

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