Apr 19, 2019

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Air Conditioning in Bethany Beach DE: Keeping the Heat Off This Summer

Air Conditioning in Bethany Beach DE: Keeping the Heat Off This Summer

Bethany Beach DE is not the kind of place where you can live without air conditioning for even a day in summer. So if your air conditioning unit had been acting up last summer when you switched it off for good, now is the time to switch it on again and make sure it is up to the mark before it gets too hot!

The initial steps of checking to see if your air conditioner is ok are very simple and don’t require a lot of technical know how. So here is what you need to do:

* Turn off the power to the unit, not just from the air conditioning unit itself but also from the main power supply also. Shut off the air conditioner’s 240-volt circuit at the main electrical panel.

* Tidy up the area where the outdoor condenser is placed. Remove the fallen leaves and debris around it and give it some room to breath.

* Remove its protective grilles and clean them up. If the fan is attached to the grille take precaution not to disconnect any wires.

* With a soft cloth or brush, clean away the dirt and debris from the fins of the fan.

* Use a blower to remove debris from the fins, while covering the wiring and motor with a plastic garbage bag. If your model allows, lubricate the motor.

* Reassemble the unit and try to switch on the air conditioning unit again.

* Now its time to finally test it, first make sure the thermostat is turned OFF, now connect the main power cable, switch it on and set the thermostat to ON. This can put a lot of strain on the air conditioner’s compressor. This is why it is always best to wait at least five minutes between turning it off and then turning it back on again. Let it run for a few minutes, and see how it is performing. Touch the two pipes connecting the condenser to the air handler, one should be warm, the other cool.

* Also make sure that there is no sudden cranking or other loud noises coming out of the air conditioner.

In the end remember that home appliances like an air conditioning unit in Bethany Beach DE and the rest of the country should have the ENERGY STAR seal of quality. This is a guarantee of its high quality and efficient performance. You’ll save money and reduce your effect on the environment with an efficient air conditioning system in Bethany Beach DE. Visit Arctic Heating & Air Conditioning for more information.

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