After the Accident: Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago

Maybe you’re looking for injury lawyer referral help in Chicago, IL. Maybe you already have a lawyer, and you’re wondering if you made the right choice. Here are just a few important considerations when putting a personal injury lawyer on retainer.

Areas of Practice

Like doctors, most lawyers have special areas of expertise. They can also have sub-specialties within their field. For example, you’ll want a personal injury attorney if you’re seeking damages after an accident that wasn’t your fault, but the type of accident can also determine the type of personal injury attorney that you need. There are attorneys who specialize in car crashes, workplace falls, medical errors, product defects, dog bites, and more.


How much do they charge? Will they bill you by the hour? Will they take a percentage of your settlement or your awarded money if you win your case? It can be awkward to address the elephant in the room when it comes to legal finances, but it’s better to get everything out in the open before anyone signs on the dotted line.


Personal injury lawsuits can take months to resolve as both sides investigate, trade paperwork, and make appearances in court. This is something to talk about with your potential lawyer since it can impact your willingness to settle. Additionally, you should keep in mind that some personal injury cases have a statute of limitations.

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