Mar 25, 2014

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After Buying a King Mattress, Jackson, MS Residents Should Safeguard It Carefully

If you’re like many people in Jackson, MS you spend a lot of time in the bedroom, even if you’re not sleeping, whether when reading books, watching a movie, or doing something else to relax. If you’ve just purchased a king mattress, Jackson, MS retailers might give you a few pointers about how to protect it during your everyday life. Keep reading to learn more details about a few common substances that could adversely contribute to the lifespan of mattresses.

Liquids and Mattresses Don’t Mix

It may seem like a comforting idea to take a hot cup of tea into the bedroom and drink it while in bed. However, a spill could cause stains. Also, in the case of a memory foam king mattress, Jackson, MS individuals could severely compromise its effectiveness if too much moisture gets into the internal material. Play it safe and make a decision to never drink while in bed. That’s an easy way to protect your investment and give it an ideal chance of lasting for many years.

Don’t Ignore Incontinence Problems

Uncontrolled urination can be a very embarrassing problem. For that reason, many people who suffer from it try to keep the problem hidden to all but the closest members of the family. However, taking that approach could end up being harmful to your king mattress. Jackson, MS specialty retailers sell products precisely to prevent urine and other types of bodily waste from sinking into the fibers of mattresses.

Consider looking into those ideas if you or a loved one struggle with incontinence, and you fear it may be shortening the life of your bedding materials.

Keep Pets Off the Bed

This guideline can be especially hard to follow if you’re the proud owner of a furry friend that likes to sleep with you at night. It may not seem harmful right away, but animal odors can get trapped inside the fibers of a king mattress. Jackson, MS pet owners also risk a cat or dog destroying part of it by either biting or clawing the surface.

Whether you buy a couple mattresses for your home at the same time or just one, the information above should help you learn to be more thoughtful about possibly adjusting your lifestyle habits so they don’t unnecessarily interfere with the length of time you enjoy your new purchase. When you’re ready to buy a king mattress, Jackson, MS experts from MattressDirect can help. If you’re outside that city, there are other options around the state, and they all offer great prices. Learn more at

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