After a Car Accident You Need a Lawyer

You can be the most careful driver in the world. Follow all the traffic rules and regulations perfectly. There is one true fact: you can still get in an accident and it might never even be your fault. Then the insurance companies come at you with questions and maybe even a quick settlement offer while you are still in shock and pain. That is when you need an experienced car accident attorney in the Cedar Rapids area, IA area to protect you and your interests.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

You may never have been in a car accident before but the insurance company deals with these claims every single day. They have a script in place already, know exactly what to say, they will even go so far as to try to bully you into accepting a quick settlement that is in all likelihood far less than you deserve. If you are represented by an attorney the insurance company will never even get the chance to intimidate you because they will be dealing with someone who is not afraid of them.

Proving Liability and Damages

Even with police reports that state the accident was the other persons fault and witness statements backing that up, proving that they were reckless under the statutes of the law can be a difficult matter. When it comes to damages there are many parts to the claim including medical bills, lost pay, pain and emotional distress. Without the assistance of a skilled attorney to cite case law and to understand what types of damages you might be entitled to, you could miss out on monies you are entitled to or, worse yet, lose your case entirely. That is where the attorneys at Currie and Liabo Law Firm come in. They offer free case evaluations and have a great understanding of just how traumatizing an accident can be.

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