Affordable Blocks to Eliminate Tipping Swing Sets Across the Country

The memory of swinging is something most adults hold on to from their childhoods. Too common is the memory of the swing set that lurched back and forth the with each swing because of faulty anchoring. Your kids won’t have to experience that with their own backyard swing set.

What Is the Best Thing to Put Under a Swing Set?

A common material used to hold down a backyard or park swing set is sand. Sand is likely chosen for its multiuse properties. Trying to hold a swing set in place with sand is not in the best interest of your children’s safety. There is an easy, economical and safer way to ensure that your children’s fun can be protected with just a few extra steps.

These plastic blocks provide a barrier between damp ground and your swing set as well as keeping your weed whacker from damaging the swing set legs. They also act as a solid surface for stability of the swing set and keep moisture from causing deterioration of wooden equipment. Large or small blocks can be used, and they also serve to level slightly uneven ground.

Setting Up Your Swing Set with Blocks

Stability of your swing set will be more certain when blocks are used at each corner or point of contact with the ground. Inconsistent evenness of your yard may warrant stacking the blocks which should be limited to two at each point.

Make Having Fun Safer for Your Kids

Years of backyard fun for your kids will be part of their memories for a long time. LevelDry can help you attain that goal. See their website at, and call with any questions about size, price or other information.

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