Dec 3, 2013

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Affordable Advertising Ideas for your Small Businesses

Finding affordable options to advertise your business can be a challenge. You want to get noticed to generate money, but because you are not getting noticed your budget may not be as high as you would like for your advertising investment. Here are a few ideas to help raise your company profile without breaking the bank.

Magnetic Signs for Vehicles

Your vehicle gets around town and can let customers know how to find you. You can order just one sign or several and have friends and family use them or pass them around to staff. Magnetic signs for vehicles can be stored in the trunk and applied when needed. They can be far more effective than expensive billboards, newspaper ads or even web advertising. You can easily reach thousands of people everyday. You can get creative and repurpose existing artwork you have used on your website, brochures or any other mediums.

Door Hangers

Door hangers may seem like an old school approach to advertising, but they can provide excellent exposure to the people you want to reach right in your own neighborhood. You can have them printed at a very reasonable rate and go out on your own and hang them about without issue or additional cost. Door stoppers hit people where they live and can provide simple messaging, as well as provide coupons, special offers and even send people to your web site using QR technology.

Neighborhood Ads

Speak to businesses in your neighborhood and offer to advertise their business with cards or brochure in exchange for doing the same for you. You can get a lot of attention by providing brochures, posters or business cards to local businesses and can have them printed very affordably with the advances of quality laser prints.

Community Sponsorship

Sponsoring local community events can also provide exposure for your business. Whether you sponsor a local sports team, provide banners or t-shirts for a charity event, walk or marathon or donate products or services at any number of community events, you can get great tax write offs while raising awareness in the community.

Whether you choose magnetic signs for vehicles, community service or work with local businesses, any of these ideas can help introduce yourself to new customers and get your name out their to generate sales.

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