Advice on Household Cleaning Products Relevant to Septic Pumping in Milton, DE

Technicians who provide service for septic pumping in Milton, DE, can give advice to customers on which household cleaning products are safest for private sewage systems. Although septic systems are not particularly delicate, they function at an optimum level when the numbers of helpful bacteria are plentiful. Harsh cleansers reduce the population of these microorganisms.

Using Natural Products

Using natural cleaning products is the best solution. A toilet can be adequately cleaned with white vinegar or Borax, for example. Most households do not need to use commercial toilet cleaning products or bleach to do an effective job. Septic pumping in Milton, DE, might be done a bit less frequently when the friendly bacteria stay at healthy levels.

Limiting Bleach

A bit of bleach can brighten up white sheets and t-shirts in the washing machine. Nevertheless, the use of bleach in the laundry should be done sparingly and only when truly necessary. This chemical is very effective at sanitation because it is so powerful at killing microorganisms.

Avoiding Drain Cleaners

Powder and crystal drain cleaners also should be not be used in homes with a septic system. Some liquid drain cleaners are gentler on the system, but it’s better to use a mechanical snake to clear clogs from pipes.

Important Considerations

In general, the more toxic the cleanser is, the harder it is on the tank’s bacteria. Technicians with McMullen Septic Service, which may be learned about, can provide further recommendations on the best cleaning products for homes with septic systems.

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