Advantages of Visiting Dentists in Roseburg OR for Dental Veneers

Many patients who are unhappy with the way their teeth look may have teeth that are crooked, stained or cracked. While the teeth may be healthy, the way they look can indicate they are not. People who are dealing with this type of problem should visit Dentists in Roseburg OR to find out what types of treatments they can have to correct their issues.

Frequently a dentist will recommend a patient with these types of problems have dental veneers placed on their unsightly teeth. Dental veneers are slips or shells made of porcelain. These shells are custom designed so they fit over the problem teeth. This can hide the issues with the teeth and restore a person’s smile.

When visiting Dentists in Roseburg OR for dental veneers, it is important for the dentist to spend some time examining the patient’s teeth to ensure there are no other issues causing the problem. Once this is done, the dentist will begin work on the dental veneers.

The dentist will first need to remove a layer of enamel from the patient’s teeth. This will make it possible for the veneers to fit on the tooth smoothly. Once the enamel is removed, the dentist can make an impression of the patient’s teeth. This will be used to create veneers that fit the patient’s teeth. The color of the porcelain will also be determined. This will help the veneers look natural in the person’s mouth. It also can help the veneers blend with the patient’s other teeth.

Creating veneers is generally done in an offsite lab and it can take a period of weeks. Once the veneers are completed, the dentist will need to set up an appointment where he or she can install the new dental appliances. Installing the veneers can take a bit of time. This is because the dentist will need to examine and custom fit the veneers to the patient’s teeth. This may involve some work being done on the veneers before they are placed on the teeth and affixed with permanent dental cement.

Once the veneers are in place the patient will notice significant changes immediately. Often their smile will be more attractive and they will feel better about themselves. This can be a great benefit for most people. For more information, please contact Wilson Family Dental.

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