Oct 7, 2013

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Advantages of Seeing a Dentist in Montville for Regular Checkups

Seeing one’s Dentist in Montville on a regular basis is a very important step in helping to ensure that a person’s teeth will last their entire lifetime. Most dentists recommend that their patients come into see them for a regular checkup at least twice a year. This can be very beneficial to a patient in a number of ways.

During a regularly scheduled checkup patients will be able to have professionally trained Dentist in Montville examine their teeth to make sure there are no signs of decay forming. This is very important as tooth decay that is not caught early will often result in the need for a variety of dental procedures, such as crowns, root canals, extractions and more, that can be not only painful but costly as well. During a checkup if a General Dentist spots a developing problem, he or she will often be able to take steps to help prevent it from growing into a more extensive issue.

Many times while a patient is seeing their Dentist in Montville for a regular checkup, the dentist may notice that the patient is not cleaning their teeth at home properly. When this occurs, the dentist will generally spend time with the patient in helping them to correct brushing or flossing mistakes. In addition, if there seems to be problem areas in the patient’s mouth, the dentist may choose to use a sealant or fluoride treatment on the patient to help in making sure they do not develop cavities in these areas. This is especially beneficial in children who are experiencing recurrent problems. Visit their website

A Dentist in Montville will also arrange for the patient’s teeth to be cleaned by the office’s dental hygienist. This is a very important aspect of good dental health. Most people have areas of tartar and plaque buildup on their teeth that they cannot remove through normal brushing and flossing methods. The hygienist will be able to use professional cleaning equipment, such as ultrasonic cleaning equipment or rotary machines, which can be used to clean areas of the mouth where buildup is present and that may be hard to reach. This is important because if these areas are not cleaned properly they can lead to a variety of dental issues such as cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease and other types of issues with the patient’s teeth and gums.


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