Apr 30, 2014

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Advantages of Installing Light Alloy Wheel Products on Your Car

Light alloy wheels can be a great addition to nearly any vehicle. They are made to last, but they are also made from materials that are more lightweight than steel, which is the typical material used when making many wheels for today’s cars. Here are some of the advantages that you will appreciate about having light alloy wheel products on your car instead of the heavier steel wheels to which you may be accustomed.

Better Gas Mileage

Did you know your gas mileage is affected by the weight of your vehicle? That’s why most of the larger vehicles on the road don’t get the best gas mileage like the smaller ones do. One of the factors is due to the weight of the vehicle. By having light alloy wheel products on your car, you can reduce your vehicle’s overall weight. This, in turn, will improve your gas mileage. It won’t be a dramatic of significant change in the gas mileage, but with the skyrocketing prices of fuel, every little bit of savings counts.

Better Braking

Another area of your vehicle where decreasing the weight is an improvement is in the braking system. With heavier vehicles, it can take more distance and more time to come to a complete stop. While this might not seem like a huge consideration, it can make a big difference when it comes to stopping in an emergency. Steel wheels are heavier than alloy wheels and they can cause your braking distance to increase. Instead, have alloy wheels installed on your vehicle for better braking in emergency situations. It could save someone’s life.

More Comfort

If you were to drive your car with steel wheels and then switch them to light alloy, you will notice a big difference in comfort. Alloy wheels simply offer more comfort for your driving experience because they are lighter. Also, these types of wheels are better at absorbing shocks and bumps. When you are on rough terrain or a road where bumps are plentiful, you won’t feel the bumpiness as much when you have alloy wheels.


Finally, alloy is a better conductor of heat than steel. When you are braking constantly, such as in a traffic jam or other driving situation, your brakes tend to create heat. With steel wheels, that heat is confined between the wheel and the braking system. But with alloy wheels, the heat is conducted beyond this area and into the open air. This can help prevent your brakes from overheating which can sometimes cause brake failure and other problems on the road.

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