Feb 20, 2014

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Advantages of Hiring Lawyers in Hattiesburg, MS after an Arrest

When a person has been arrested and charged with any type of criminal activities, one of the first things they should do is contact Lawyers in Hattiesburg, MS to help them during their case. Regardless of whether the person is guilty or innocent, they will need a lawyer who has experience in these types of matters to help guide them through the various processes and procedures they will be going through while in jail and once their trial begins.

One of the first things Lawyers in Hattiesburg, MS will need to help their client with is generally the bail hearing. Depending on the type of crime the person is accused of, a lawyer may be very vital in helping the accused person in obtaining a reasonable bail amount so they do not have to await their trial in jail. This can be very important for most people, but especially those who are being charged with a crime for the first time.

Having Having Lawyers in Hattiesburg, MS present whenever the accused person must meet with any types of law enforcement officials can also be very wise. Many times, detectives, police officers and others are very skilled at interviewing and obtaining information from people. Often they can get an accused person to say things damaging to his or her case. By having a lawyer, such as T. Michael Reed, present during these types of interviews, these types of issues can be avoided. A lawyer will be on hand to carefully consider the questions being asked of their client and can offer counsel as to whether or not the accused person should answer. In addition, if the interview is going poorly for their client, the lawyer will be able to stop the interview completely.

A lawyer who regularly handles these types of cases will be able to prepare the case for trial so their client is represented in the best possible way. This often will entail gathering evidence and obtaining witnesses who can prove their client’s side of the case. In addition, the lawyer will also need to know and understand the prosecution’s case. This will be essential in helping them to find problems or holes in the case against their client. The lawyer will need to be able to present this information in court in a convincing manner so their client has the best possible chance at obtaining the verdict they desire. Read more

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