May 12, 2014

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Advantages of Faxing Over VoIP

If you own a large scale or medium level business, a company or an organization, you may simply channel your fax services through your VoIP connection. With the introduction of VoIP, many companies are mow using internet faxing instead of the traditional method of sending and receiving faxes. Once you are aware of its advantages, it is the best way to do your fax services as long as you have an internet connection. You may choose to use your residential VoIP connection, or a business channel. This modern method of faxing saves you money and is the most convenient and portable. Here are some of the advantages of faxing over VoIP connection:

  • It produces high quality results: unlike traditional fax service that involves ink, toner, and paper, internet faxing is purely digital. Documents produced through this method remain so up to the time they are printed. This makes them clear, crisp and of high quality as there is no ink staining in the process.
  • You have control over your faxing activity: When faxing over VoIP connection, you can control your fax services by recording and setting quotas for users according to your preference. This in turn is a better way to ease congestion, install security and provides you with an opportunity to host paid fax services. Such measures may not be possible with traditional fax method.
  • No need to own a fax machine: With internet faxing, everything can be processed by a computer. You only need to have a standard computer printer and you can print any fax message you get from an IP channel. Whether it’s an image, a word-processed document or PDF file, you may be able to print it using the standard computer printer. This is a relief, as you do not have to budget for a fax machine.
  • Sometimes you don’t have to print your fax messages sent or received over VoIP connection. You may choose to read or send the messages in soft copy and store them in the same way. This is an advantage because you don’t have to budget for reams of fax paper in your office.
  • Easy correction on your work: With traditional faxing, it is difficult to correct a printing error except by replacing the printout and starting afresh. When you use internet faxing you can easily correct such errors and resend the message conveniently.

With these advantages and more, internet faxing is a true revolution.

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