Advantages for Business Travelers at a Downtown Saint Paul Historic Hotel

Someone who needs to stay in Saint Paul on business for a week or two might want lodging close to the office where meetings take place and work will be done. At a minimum, this person will likely want a large room with a sitting area and desk. Depending on the situation, a two-room suite may be preferable. One of the historic hotels in Saint Paul provides an ideal opportunity for travelers working downtown.

Not Feeling Crowded

A business traveler staying in the Twin Cities for one or two weeks could be very busy and not spend much time at the hotel. This person may need to meet with many colleagues and might have a project with a tight deadline. Nevertheless, it may be important to have enough space to not feel crowded. For example, having a desk available for the laptop is essential.

A Weekend Guest

That larger room or suite is also appealing for someone planning to have the spouse or romantic partner spend the weekend here at one of the historic hotels in Saint Paul. The business traveler has those two days off, and they want to explore some of the city’s attractions. They might visit an art exhibit or museum and go shopping. They could visit parks and walk along the riverfront.

Fine Dining

With fine dining provided at the lodging establishment, the two can return to the hotel after a rewarding day and enjoy a relaxing dinner with adult beverages. If they’d like to try a different restaurant the second night, many are nearby.

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