Sep 7, 2012

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Advanced and Trusted Services -Tree Removal in Arlington

Are you looking for a reputable tree company? So, on what criterion do you choose a tree company? “Price”!!! Well, that may be the topmost criteria on your wish list. However, you should know that tree cutting service is the second most dangerous job in the world. Especially, when it comes to getting tree cutting service, you would certainly want to choose selectively. For a service like tree removal in Arlington, it is necessary to understand the type of service required, as it is not easy to handle a chainsaw. Tree removal procedures have been developed and improved keeping in account the various tree types and sizes. Some of the techniques that are utilized for tree removal in Arlington (These techniques are used in cutting trees of 200 diameter), are as follows:

A scarf cut: This way of cutting determines the direction of tree fall, and the worker may select the direction of the fall easily. Moreover, this cut minimizes the chances of splitting. It consists of two cuts; the first cut is made at 45 degrees, while the second one is straight, in level with the first cut. The first cut must cover one fourth portion of tree diameter, and must be aimed at the direction of the fall.

A hinge woodcut: This cut covers the one tenth section of the diameter. Hinge wood cut is named so because, this piece of the woodworks like a hinge, thus controlling the fall of the tree, along with bending in an opposite direction.

A back cut: This cut is made as the final step to cut the tree, which is done just above the scarf cut. This cut must cover the one-tenth portion of the whole diameter, whereas for larger trees it may be up to 200 mm.

The techniques for large tree removal in Arlington is quite different from the above three techniques. The quarter cutting technique is commonly used for this purpose. A worker makes an assessment about the thickness, or weight etc. of the tree and a scarf cut is made on the trunk. Next, a back cut is made followed by a hinge wood. During all the techniques, a skilled worker makes sure to avoid few things; like, the scarf must not be cut deeply as it might cause the tree to fall suddenly. The back cut is not done at the same point of the scarf, as it may also end in an accidental fall of the tree. He also makes sure to check out faults; such as, a too long back cut can change the tree fall direction.

If a tree has two different directions, a different cutting technique is used. Such tree is cut according to its height and inclination, but this also equally depends on the dividing section of the tree. If the dividing point is closer to the earth, then cutting becomes quite easy, since both the parts need cutting separately. And, if the dividing point of the tree is above the ground at a certain height, and both the portions are vertical, then a deep cut is made to make them fall together.

Nowadays, the companies use latest techniques; such as wire ropes, clamps, blocks, shackles, back pulling, winches, and tree driving. These new and advanced techniques doesn’t just save lots of time and give fast results, but also ensure better safety coupled with quality service.


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