Feb 26, 2015

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Adorn Your Home With a Unique Garage Door That Expresses Your Individuality

Back in the day, garage doors were cookie-cutter, standard issue types that all looked alike and served merely to hide the clutter in a home’s garage. Although a garage door is a prominent feature of one’s home, not much thought went into how a garage door’s appearance impacted the overall look of a home. Garage doors affect everything from curb appeal to the security of your family, especially if attached to your home. If your garage door is more than 10 years old, there’s a good chance it’s time to have it replaced.

A quick look online and you’ll be astonished at the offerings in garage door types, styles and materials available on the market today. Choices may include hollow steel, fiberglass, aluminum or wood. Wooden garage doors add an unmatched level of elegance to any home. Often crafted out of Mahogany, these are not your grandfather’s garage doors of days past. Today’s garage doors are beautiful, functional and unique works of art made to adorn your home. Insulated models are available to those homeowners wishing to use their garage to extend their living space, and not just for automobile and lawnmower storage.

The various companies offering Garage Doors in Saint Charles MO have an almost endless variety from which to choose. Short, medium or long raised panels, doors with or without windows, or even side-hung doors such as carriage-style that open outwards are all options. From pinch-resistant panels to protect your fingers, to garage doors tough enough to stand up to high winds -; they all exist, in nearly any color desired.

Operational garage door types include roller or sectional doors that roll up and store overhead, enabling vehicles to be parked flush with the garage door. Up-and-over garage doors swing out and up, are simple to use and provide a classic feel. No matter the architecture or location of your home, a design unique to your home can be found.

Of equal importance, supplier of Garage Doors in Saint Charles MO, provides well-trained installers to service, repair or install your garage door. Many garage door companies have service plans available. Having your garage door regularly maintained ensures its worry free operation at all times. Less than 30 years ago, garage door openers were unheard of, at least for the average homeowner. Today, however, garage door technicians are able to perform most repairs on-site and can install, repair and/or replace garage door openers as well.

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