Mar 13, 2019

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Adding Keg Filling Ability: Considerations For Small Breweries

Adding Keg Filling Ability: Considerations For Small Breweries

One of the most important factors for any brewery is to be able to get their beers into a wide variety of different markets. Cans and bottles are always an important option to consider, but draft beer in kegs is also an essential market in many different areas.

Local pubs, restaurants, and bars are often willing to put new draft beers on tap, particularly for restaurants catering to a crowd interested in supporting local breweries. If your craft brewery does not have keg filling capability, this is a valuable and essential market that may be missed.

Why Kegs Matter

In addition to getting your beer brand and brewery name out into the community, offering beer in kegs has several advantages for the brewery. The cost of producing kegs, once the equipment is in place and calibrated, is lower than the same volume of beer in bottles or cans. With a lower cost of production and less time required than for bottle and can filling, this is a cost-effective option for the brewery.

Ease in Filling

The best options in keg filling offer the brewery a stand-alone system that is small, compact and easy to operate. These keg filling systems literally do it all from keg washing and rinsing to filling and sealing.

The best systems are designed to be efficient in operation. This means low water use during the cleaning and rinsing stages and onboard recycling systems for the caustic and acid recovery. This not only saves on the cost of these chemicals, but it also makes the system more efficient.

Fully automatic, the system can be configured to the exact specifications the brewery requires. With all the guesswork and human error removed from the filling system, each keg is precisely cleaned, rinsed, filled and sealed, ensuring a great tasting beer in every keg.

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