May 2, 2014

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Add a Glossy Coat to Your Vehicle’s Exterior

There is no easier way to change the exterior of your vehicle than with a can of Plasti Dip aerosol spray. A single can of aerosol can change the trim of a car and make it look spectacular. There are all types of Plasti Dip products that come in a can. Each type is capable of changing your vehicle and taking it from drab to dramatic. Plasti Dip is easy to find, and even easier to use with a few applications giving your car a totally new look!

A Durable and Spectacular Way to Transform Your Automobile

All kinds of Plasti Dip make it possible to spray your way to the style of vehicle you want. You can leave it in the original matte finish, or apply enhancers that are all easily used. Such an automotive coating allows for style that offers a durable and protective layer that keeps the original paint job protected. You can spray and peel to your heart’s content. Think of all the versatile designs that you can create and change in the blink of an eye. Transform a bad paint job into a work of art with Plasti Dip.

Plasti Dip: It Is Not Just for the Exterior Cars

Since Plasti Dip is a rubber coating, it can be used for many other projects too. Different colors of Plasti Dip are perfect for applying new handles on metal tools. You can use it to complete arts and crafts projects, as well. Spraying a new finish on a motorcycle has never been easier. Even the interior of your car can be dipped to match the outside. Consider all of the fun you will have dipping your steering wheel, battery trays, rubber boots, fender flares, mounting brackets, metal studs, dash panels, tire irons, rocker panels, speakers, wheels, mirrors, grilles, trim, clutches and brake levers. Your whole car can be customized with Plasti Dip colors and an added Plasti Dip Glossifier!

Enhancers Can Be Used Before the Glossifier

Plasti Dip Glossifier is what it sounds like, the last application for any Plasti Dip project that requires a glossy shine. If you are going to use enhancers that give a pearl or metallic effect, you will need to use those first then apply the Glossifier after all the other layers have dried. When you want a shiny finishing effect, there is no better way to spray your way to brilliant perfection.

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