Feb 27, 2015

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Acupuncture Alternative Treatment to assist with Migraine Headaches

An Acupuncture Clinic in Vancouver might hold the secret to helping you manage your migraine headaches. Many patients who suffer from chronic migraines have found relief with regular treatment with an acupuncturist.

The Treatment

Acupuncture can be used both to prevent and to lessen the pain and duration of migraines. Many patients use a treatment plan with regular appointments but also can arrange to see their acupuncturist when they are suffering from a migraine. At an acupuncture appointment, your acupuncturist will insert a series of needles gently into points in the body to promote blood flow. This will dilate small blood vessels in the area in which the needle is inserted. Acupuncture helps remove blockages or “stagnation” that can lead to pain and assist with migraine prevention. This is only useful for the prevention of migraines and must not be applied when a patient is actually experiencing a migraine. During an attack, an acupuncturist will instead focus on minimizing blood vessels in the neck and head by using points on the legs and arms instead. A treatment to prevent migraines is performed with the patient lying down during a treatment while a migraine is done sitting up.


For some people, stress might be a trigger for migraines. In this case, a technique known as SES uses a shallow insertion of the needles in the lower legs and forearms in order to help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system while decreasing muscle tension. If migraines seem to be caused by hormonal issues in women, the prevention treatment will be different. Often the use of heat can aid those with hormonal triggers. Acupuncturists will often use touch to ascertain what areas of the body require treatment. Often muscle tension is a cause for migraines in which case needles will be applied to areas with tension in order to increase blood flow to reduce tension.

Reduced Pain and Occurrences

Overall many patients who undergo regular acupuncture treatments will see a reduction in occurrences of migraines as well as less intense pain. Other symptoms such as nausea are also reduced. You can visit an acupuncture clinic in Vancouver area to discuss your symptoms and come up with a treatment plan that will suit your particular needs. Your acupuncturist will help determine potential triggers for your migraines and provide a treatment plan designed to temper a tension, increase blood flow and assist with hormonal problems based on your needs.

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