Jun 29, 2015

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Acquiring An Attorney In Hillsboro, MO For A Worker’s Compensation Claim

Acquiring An Attorney In Hillsboro, MO For A Worker’s Compensation Claim

All Missouri employers who have at least five employees must acquire worker’s compensation insurance. The requirement is fulfilled either by purchasing a private policy or becoming self-insured. However, employers in the construction industry must possess this insurance even if they have only one employee.

The Claims Process

Notifying an immediate supervisor is the first step to filing a claim. The employee should acquire doctor information from their employer. These cases require that a specific doctor provide care for the injured employee. The term is outlined in the worker’s compensation policy.

The doctor must determine if you are able to return to work within a three-day period. Worker’s compensation benefits are not available for the first three days missed by the injured employee. However, any term after this initial period is covered by the insurance and requires the policy to provide the employee with benefits. When the doctor determines that the employee will miss more than two weeks of work, they receive benefits starting on the first day following medical treatment. These terms apply to temporary partial disabilities.

Permanent Injuries and Benefits

Employees who sustain permanent injuries are entitled to a settlement, as outlined in worker’s compensation laws. However, the insurance carrier may fight against a large settlement. If the doctor representing the insurance company classifies the disability at a different rating, the employee would need further medical evidence and should contact an Attorney in Hillsboro, MO.

How Are Settlements Calculated?

The court calculates the employee’s future earnings based on the wages they receive currently. Next, they determine the number of years in which the employee is likely to receive these annual wages based on their life expectancy. All medical conditions that could reduce their life expectancy are factored into the final calculation.

Worker’s compensation laws are in place to prevent unethical employers from taking advantages of their employees. They require the employer to maintain adequate insurance to cover the cost of medical treatment and wages for these employees after an accident. Employees who feel that they were wronged by their employer or an insurance company should contact an Attorney in Hillsboro, MO at the Wegmann Law Firm.

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