Oct 30, 2013

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Acquiring A Protection Order Through Family Law in Upland

Family Law in Upland applies to matters that relate to marriages, children, and families in general. An attorney practicing within this legal field handles cases such as divorce, child custody, and child support. Attorneys practicing in Upland advise their clients in regards to these cases and take measures to secure their interests in these proceedings.

Protection Orders in Legal Proceedings

Within divorce cases, it is probable that one in every ten cases will require a judge to sign a protection order. This order applies to cases where abuse is present and either the spouse, the children, or both have been abused during the course of the marriage. By acquiring this order, you are protected by law from your spouse.

Stipulations that apply to these orders typically order your spouse from visiting your home without prior arrangements. They additionally order him or her from participating in activities that may place you or your children at risk or are harmful. For instance, if your spouse an alcoholic with a history of violence, the order may state that he or she must refrain from drinking while around you or your children. They may further order that child visitation is supervised by an officer of the court.

Local Attorney

Law Office of Laurence J. Brock provides legal counsel for clients with cases that apply to family laws. This attorney understands the nature of these cases and will assist clients in ensuring that their rights are not violated. He additionally takes measures to ensure that their families are safe from harm by requesting a protection order whenever necessary. To schedule a consultation with this attorney, you should contact his local office.


Cases that apply to Family Law in Upland relate to matters surrounding families. This includes divorces and child custody. Your selected attorney will explain family laws that apply to your case in order to assist you in making well-rounded decisions that relate to the protection of your family and future occurrences that may affect them. He or she will guide you through the divorce process to ensure that your spouse does not take advantage of you and that you receive what is rightfully yours.


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