Achieving New Textures with Baking Tools

What happens when you’ve achieved your peak performance – delicious cakes, moist and fluffy, with icing that’s to die for? If you’re still hoping to improve your baking skills, focus on making your baked goods unique and set yourself apart stylistically. You don’t have to be a master of cake decoration to develop your own baking aesthetic. In fact, sometimes all you need to vary the appearance of your baked goods is a little variation in texture!

Thanks to the massive variety of baking tools available at places like NY Cake, trying something new can be simple. For a few ideas that anyone can try to ensure their cakes only taste homemade, read on.

  1. Smooth it out! Instead of covering your cake with a flat layer of icing spread unevenly with a butter knife (you might be reminded of some of your first, less polished baking experiences), a professional turntable and specially designed icing spatulas can help you to achieve a smoother, neater layer of icing.

  2. Piping bags and tip sets are baking tools essential for anyone hoping to add a unique appearance to their cake’s decoration. Even adding a simple border with an open star piping tip can make a huge difference between making a cake look amateur or professional.

  3. If you like working with fondant for that ultra-smooth finish, consider investing in a couple of differently patterned design rollers! These rollers are a quick, simple way to add incredible amounts of detail and texture to your cake for a decoration that can appear minimalistic or more detailed.

  4. Garnishes like sprinkles or edible pearls can be arranged in a way that adds dimension to an otherwise bland-appearing cake.

Get creative with your baking tools! Just because it hasn’t been done doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done. Be a trendsetter—you never know what might catch on.

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