Sep 25, 2018

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Achieve a Better Outcome With the Help of a Drug Attorney in Hillsboro MO

Achieve a Better Outcome With the Help of a Drug Attorney in Hillsboro MO

The state of Missouri has some of the country’s strictest drug laws, and even first offenders should take possession charges seriously. In this brief guide, potential clients will learn how a Drug Attorney in Hillsboro MO may be able to help them minimize penalties and achieve a more favorable outcome.

Marijuana and Other Substances

The severity of penalties for first offenders varies depending on the substance in question. Most possession charges are considered Class D felonies, but laws on marijuana possession are different. Having under 35 grams of real or synthetic marijuana is a misdemeanor, but having over 35 grams is a felony.

Drug Possession Penalties

First offenders will not go to jail if they have less than ten grams of marijuana, but they may face fines of up to $500. A jail sentence of one year or less is possible for a first offender who has more than ten but less than 35 grams of cannabis; they may also face up to $2000 in fines.

Penalties are stricter for first offenders in possession of over 35 grams of marijuana or those in possession of other controlled substances. These are Class C felonies, and incarceration is a definite possibility. The maximum term for a Class C felony is seven years, but in most cases, first offenders do not get the maximum penalty.

Incarceration or Treatment

Many first offenders get the chance to complete drug treatment and avoid jail time. However, the opportunity is only available to a non-violent offender who has been charged with a drug-related felony or one whose drug problem led to non-violent felony charges. During such a program, the offender must take random drug tests, go to counseling, take part in job skills training, and go to court as required.

If a client is facing drug possession charges, they should seek representation from a Drug Attorney in Hillsboro MO as soon as possible. The team at the Wegmann Law Firm is committed to helping clients preserve their freedom and their rights. Email for more details or call today to set up a no-obligation consultation with a local drug defense lawyer. Follow us on Twitter.

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