Dec 26, 2013

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Access control

When securing your property there are numerous security options available. There is the common security system monitoring for forced entry or fire, but there are also many ways to monitor or control the access for authorized persons. Beyond the basic key & lock one can get much more thorough in verifying that someone belongs, and does not simply have a key. As technology gets more advanced many options are getting cheaper and more widely used. The electronic card reader is a very popular option. But is not really any more secure than a regular lock and key. If someone gets another persons card they can gain access to the premises. Combining systems into a multi stage checkpoint is a more secure option. A pass key with a password or PIN adds much greater control. To gain unauthorized entry you would not only need someone’s access card but also their PIN. To ensure that only the authorized people are gaining access one can use biometric scanners. These will read hand geometry or fingerprints to verify identification.

Manned systems

A benefit of those systems is that they can be an unmanned security setup. If more security is needed you may consider a closed circuit TV system (CCTV). Using a combination of those physical controls with video monitoring will provide a much tighter security operation. With wireless internet and broadband gaining in availability you can monitor the CCTV system from anywhere with an internet connection. You no longer have to have someone posted at each site. One control centre can operate numerous facilities. If you can find a good assortment of CCTV access control systems In Portsmouth available.

Complete access control

By using a combination of security options you can gain full control of who enters, or exits, your premises. Electronic security gates can allow only authorized vehicles in or out. Gates in conjunction with key cards, biometric scanners, and CCTV can give you complete access control. You can even use your mobile device in Portsmouth to monitor your CCTV access control system.

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