A Way to Accomplish Hard Drive Destruction in Denver

Hard drive destruction in Denver is the only way to accomplish 100% data security. One of the leading computer magazines recently bought a few old computers from an online auction site just for a test; they were able to recover nearly 25,000 files that the original owners had “deleted”. Not only were they able to recover these files, they did it with the use of readily available free-ware that they downloaded from the internet.

Internet fraud is a very real issue, unless your hard drive destruction in Denver is accomplished before you dispose of the old computer, fraudsters can and will recover files that can be used to purchase goods using your credit card, the number of which still resides somewhere on that drive. Worse yet, you can become a victim of identity theft. Although there are software solutions that erase files rather than just delete them, they too can be easily defeated by a dedicated fraudster.

There are a number of ways to accomplish hard drive destruction in Denver. The common utility programs that are readily available perform a function called “drive wipe” and they do this by replacing the data on the disc with ones and zeros, exactly what your disc contained when it was made. For it to accomplish its task, the software has to be run a number of times, each time it runs it overwrites more and more data, the greater of passes the greater amount of data eradicated. Some software that is used for this process will run over the data 35 times.

The hard drive destruction in Denver can also be accomplished by simply encrypting the data on the entire disk and destroy the encryption keys. There are some robust encryption tools available but with effort, the encryption can be broken.

Formatting the drive does not accomplish hard drive destruction in Denver. Technically speaking the formatting process only zeros out the root directory which is the directory which contains the FAT table, this is the place where the sectors on a disk that are occupied are listed. The files, even though they have been deleted, thrown in the recycle bin and deleted are still there and available to anyone willing to put a bit of time into recovering them, and fraudsters have time, the tools and the talent to find out the smallest detail about you.

If you really want to do complete hard drive destruction in Denver, consider using a hammer. The drive contains toxic materials so do not attempt to destroy it in a fire, just smash it into as many small bits that you possibly can and then give it up for recycling.

Looking for hard drive destruction inDenver? Hard drives that contain secretive corporate information must be completely wiped before disposal. Firms such as XpresShred are experts at disposing of sensitive data and have environmentally safe tools and methods to destroy data before it gets into the wrong hands.

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