A Waterproofing Contractor In Washington DC Can Give A Home A Stable Foundation

Basements and crawl spaces can be the dampest place in a home. The moisture in these areas can be a breeding ground for mold and other serious health hazards. Waterproofing these two areas can improve the air quality in a home and limit the possibility of structural damage to a home. One cause of a leaking basement is the improper removal of water away from a roof. A home should have gutters that operate properly. Excessive water from lack of a gutter system or downspout can cause added pressure on the foundation. A basement that has water leaking in through the floors or walls will need work performed by an experienced waterproofing contractor in Washington DC.

Cement blocks in a foundation are very porous. Many older homes don’t have a drainage system installed around the footer of the home. Some older homes have drains that were insufficient to remove all the water because they become clogged with dirt. A Waterproofing Contractor in Washington DC will be able to determine the cause of water in a homeowner’s basement. Mortar joints can crack due to water pressure against the basement wall and can be repaired with epoxy injections for a strong bond. If the wall begins to bow, a home can become unstable. A waterproofing contractor can install interior or exterior drainage systems. They may suggest a homeowner have a sump pump installed. If there are windows in the basement, a window well should be installed.

A crawl space needs just as much attention as a basement. Moisture can cause floors to rot above the area. Interior drainage in a crawl space can be necessary when excessive water is found by a waterproofing contractor. A vapor barrier should always be installed between the ground and the home. Vent fans and dehumidifiers installed in a crawl space can keep moisture from traveling into a home. If a waterproofing contractor finds mold in a crawl space during waterproofing, it should immediately be removed. The quality of the air in a home can be affected if mold is present. If your home has water in the basement or crawl space, contact us to get a free and fair evaluation of the situation.

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