Feb 6, 2014

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A Tree Service in Phoenix can Prune and Remove Trees for a Safe Yard

Arizona is a beautiful state with many unique climate challenges. It can be difficult for homeowners to know how to create the landscape that they want. The professionals at Sergio’s Lawn Service know how to work with the dry conditions and soils to create stunning yards. They combine native plants that don’t require much water with beautiful pavers and stones to create gorgeous yards. Many homeowners also retire to Arizona to spend less time mowing their lawn and more time on the golf course. So they are more than happy to turn the weekly chores of mowing their lawn and weeding their gardens over to a landscaping service. A project manager will meet with them to determine what plants they want in their garden and how long they like their grass.

Some tasks are too big even for homeowners who like to be actively engaged in caring for their yard and garden. Often a Tree Service in Phoenix is needed to prune and shape large trees. If the homeowner made the mistake of planting a tree too close to their home or garage, they may now face the prospect of large tree limbs hovering over these structures. The same problem can occur if the tree was planted on a property line and it now hangs over a neighbor’s car. Tree removal requires special skills, equipment and often a bucket truck. Professional companies can often take down a tree in about an hour.

Many homeowners think that they can save some money by grinding and removing their own tree stump. They then find that this is a much harder task than they expected. Some end up leaving the stump out of frustration. This is a mistake if it is located near a wood structure such as a deck, because tree stumps are termite magnets. A Tree Service in Phoenix can quickly remove the stump. They can then fill in the remaining hole with the proper gravel and loam. Professional landscapers can either install sod that matches the existing lawn or create a new garden area. In a few weeks the yard will be completely restored and there will be no sign of the tree.

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