Oct 10, 2014

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A Tow Truck Driver Can Easily Pull a Car out of a Drainage Pond

Beaumont, Texas is one of those places that gets snow and ice, but not very often. Therefore the best of drivers can be surprised by a patch of black ice and careen off of the road. Even at a low speed, a car can sustain a lot of damage, if it hits a guardrail or lands in a shallow drainage pond. Drivers in Beaumont know that they can call Spankys Wrecker Service any time day or night and get fast help. Their trucks can handle anything from a motorcycle to 18-wheel truck. Their skilled drivers know how to recover cars that land in a water body. They can attach the lines and easily pull it out of the water.

While nothing can take away the emotional sting of being in an accident, competent and and professional help delivered in a courteous manner does lower stress. When the Tow Truck driver arrives he’ll carefully explain to the upset motorist the best way to handle the situation. It can be hard to process information when a person is under this kind of stress, so he will patiently repeat the information, if necessary. The motorist and the driver will have to discuss which repair garage he wants it taken to. However, this will also have to be coordinated with any police that are at the crash site.

The Tow Truck driver also knows what information the insurance company will need to pay for the Tow Truck services. He or the office staff will process the information for the driver. Usually towing is part of the insurance policy’s the roadside assistance clause. Whether the preferred repair garage is in Beaumont or 50 miles away, the car will get there as quickly as possible.

This towing company has been helping stranded motorists for over 25 years. If the paramedics want the motorist to go to the hospital, he can leave his car with the driver. It will be carefully delivered to the proper repair facility. He can relax knowing that the process of assessing the damage to the car and repairing it has begun. That will allow him to focus on his own health and recovery.

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