Dec 11, 2014

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A Third Set Of Teeth Using Science And Technology

A Third Set Of Teeth Using Science And Technology

A denture implant is a tooth which looks feels and responds exactly like a normal tooth once placed in the jaw of the patient. Denture implants in Spring TX are used when the patient has lost one or more teeth due to damage or decay. The procedure requires an implant to be put into the jaw bone; the implant serves as the root for the new crown which is placed on top of the implant.

An implant does no harm to the bone; once the implant has fused with the natural bone of the jaw it remains secure. When the healing process has been completed, a small metal device which looks like a tube is placed on top of the implant; this is called the abutment and is the anchor for the crown which is the last step of the procedure. The three components add up to an implant which is identical in appearance and function of a natural tooth.

There are certain drawbacks to dentures and many people would much prefer to have denture implants in Spring TX. Implants are also an ideal solution for those who find that wearing a denture causes speech problems or problems with eating. For patients who have a fully mature, solid jaw bone, and have no health problems which might have a negative impact on the healing process, then dental implants are the perfect solution.

The patient is placed under anesthesia as there is considerable pain associated with the procedure. The dentist first exposes the jaw bone; once the bone is visible the dentist drills into it, creating a cavity which is perfectly sized to accept the implant.

This initial procedure is akin to providing a new root which the crown to eventually sit on. While the implant is fusing to the jaw bone and the area is healing, the dentist will fit a dental appliance to stabilize the site. It normally takes between two and six months for the bone to fuse with the implant, at which time the gum is reopened and the abutment is affixed. Once again, the gum tissue is closed and sutured around the abutment.

The final phase is the actual fitting of the crown; the first phase can take place a couple of weeks after the abutments were first put in place. The dentist makes an impression of the site and then crowns are made from the impressions. The finished crown is attached to the abutment and the procedure is over.

It was not all that long ago when the only solution for a replacement tooth or teeth was a full or partial denture or a bridge. Today, denture implants in Spring TX are rapidly becoming the accepted solution for tooth replacement. To discuss the procedure in detail you are invited to make an appointment with America’s Family Dental.


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