Aug 25, 2015

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A Termite Removal Company Can Eradicate a Termite Infestation

A Termite Removal Company Can Eradicate a Termite Infestation

Home owners in Maryland should always be on the lookout for termites. As soon as they notice any activity they should call in a professional termite removal company. There are two types of termites. Subterranean termites are found in the soil around a home as well as in the home’s wood. Dry wood termites are found in the wood supports of a home, its deck or steps or even its wood furniture. People might notice the tunnels that subterranean termites make as they move through the soil. These look like pencils made from dirt. Dry wood termites leave waste that resembles wood shavings.

Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious when a home has a termite problem. Even if a home owner doesn’t see evidence of a termite infestation, termites may be eating away at the structure of their house. Requesting a termite inspection is the only way to ensure that a home is not infested. The technician will inspect the wood beams in the basement or crawlspace by tapping on them to see if they sound hollow. He will then push on them with a screwdriver. If the wood falls apart easily, that’s a sign of an infestation. He will then find and confirm which type of termite is infesting the home.

Termites reside in remote nests. The technician will insert pesticides in areas that show signs of infestation. Termite pesticides act very slowly, so the termite can carry the pesticide back to the nest. This ensures that all termites will eventually be treated with the pesticide. It can, therefore, take several months for the complete eradication of a termite nest. If the technician determines that subterranean termites are a problem, he will also treat the ground surrounding the home. Small holes will have to be bored into the ground and even the wood deck or steps. Pesticides will be placed in these. The technician will replace the earth or the wood plugs taken to create the holes.

Termites can return to an area. Therefore, home owners need to remain vigilant. A termite removal company can regularly treat a home to prevent a recurrence. They will also inspect the home to make sure there are no access points for the termites. Maryland home owners can visit to learn more about their options.

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