Jul 21, 2015

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A Strategic Approach To Selecting Direct Mail Firms

A Strategic Approach To Selecting Direct Mail Firms

Any company, business or nonprofit wanting to market directly to consumers and interested parties should strategically look for direct mail firms to handle the mailer aspect of their campaigns.

With a partnership with one of the top direct mail firms not only will there be a successful first campaign, but the company will continue to build on what works to create better responses and more return on your investment with each subsequent campaign.

To be able to compare direct mail firms, it is critical to consider the same features across different companies. Once this is completed, it is easy to see which services, options, and functions are offered, providing an accurate comparison on all key elements.

Years in Business

The number of years in business is important for direct mail firms and one that is critical to consider. There are many printing and mailing services that open only to close very quickly as it is a highly competitive industry.

A direct mailing company with more than a few years in business is a professional, ethical, and reliable company. They work with clients to get the results anticipated, and they offer the services and features clients require.

It is also not unreasonable to ask companies for references. This will allow you to have an idea, but talking directly to the client, about the level of service and the professionalism the direct mail service provides.

Services Included

Some direct mail firms only offer mailing services while others offer a range of customer friendly features. The number of services offered is important if you do frequent mail campaigns, or if you are new to using direct mail selling, and if you are working to build a customer base.

By choosing firms offering analysis of the effectiveness of the program, suggestions for improvement, more selective options for pinpointing target audiences and even the option for multiple marketing options the pressure is off your business.


Most of the top direct mail firms are going to be very competitively priced, which is why price alone should not be the deciding factor. By comparing experience, expertise, and customer support and services with price you will be able to make a more informed choice.

Be very careful about any direct mail firms offering very low rates compared to other companies. These are typically inexperienced firms that may or may not have the equipment and ability to get your marketing campaign printed, out and seen.

As one of the top direct mail firms, Southwest Direct has been in business since 1988, offering full-service direct marketing to businesses, nonprofits, schools, government agencies and a host of other clients. To see more about us go to www.SWDirect.com.

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