A Simple Room Accessory

If you live in a home with hard floors, you are aware of how a simple rug can improve the comfort within the room. There is a huge benefit to having all hard floors in your home such as reduced allergens, easy to clean and maintain, and even longevity in comparison to a house full of wall to wall carpet. You may enjoy having the hard floors throughout your home but at times may long for the comfort of sitting on the floor to stretch out or even as a way to have extra seating when you have company. One of the easiest ways to achieve this simple comfort is with area rugs in Long Island.

Area rugs in Long Island come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and sizes. These rugs can be plush and soft or basic and functional. Whatever you choose, the great thing about these rugs is that they are portable and temporary. Many times they are reasonably priced so if you want to move one rug into another room, you can afford to purchase another that will completely change the look and feel of that room. You are not stuck with carpet because it was so costly.

There are many benefits to area rugs in Long Island and one is that it won’t damage the floor underneath. Wall to wall carpet will have to be stapled down and if there is a spill or something happens to the carpet on top, the liquid can sit in between the carpet and the hard floor underneath. It can cause extensive damage to the floor underneath. If you ever have a leak or flooding, the subfloor will be damaged because the water will be trapped. You will need extensive drying out of the floors and possibly even to replace the padding under the carpet. With an area rug, you only have to move the rug and dry the floor under that one area. It is much simpler to just get under one area and dry it than to be forced to rip all the carpet and fix the floor. For that reason, many people, especially in flood prone areas will just install tile throughout their entire house. It can save money in the long run and keep your home much healthier for everyone who lives there.

Area Rugs In Long Island come in a variety of colors and styles you can find one to match your décor. Get in touch with Harry Katz Carpet One Floor & Home.

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