A Simple Guide to Selenium Automation Tool

Selenium automation tool can prove to be quite complicated at the best of times. Using the software can cause confusion and breakages in your code if not used correctly. You definitely don’t want this to happen and you want to make sure things go smoothly. By utilizing this simple guide you should be able to understand what this software does and how it works.

What Selenium Automation Tool Does

Selenium automation tool is automation testing software designed to test internet applications. When running the software it will systematically go through all possible functions on the site, testing for any breaks in code or bugs. This tool will make sure applications on your browser will run systematically, testing the capabilities of your program in the process.

The Main Groups

Selenium automation tool can be broken down into 4 main groups. Those groups are:

Remote Control – This program accepts commands for the browser via HTTP. It makes it possible to write in any programming code language, allowing coding for automated tests on a web application better integration in existing unit test frameworks

Web Driver – The WebDriver application accepts commands from the programmer and sends them to a browser. Unlike older tech WebDriver does not need a specialized server to execute tests.

Grid – Grid is used as a server that lets application tests to use browser instances running on remote desktops. This program also allows multiple tests running simultaneously from different machines, speeding up the testing process.

Selenium IDE – This software allows editing and recording tests as well as debugging tests.

How to Learn this Program

Try doing some research on the software and get familiar with key terms. This will help dramatically when it comes to beginning a course. Lots of companies across the world and internet provide Selenium Training to anyone with any experience in the field of IT. Also don’t simply settle for the first training program, find the best. You want to know the information you are learning will have real world applications. Make sure the company you use has experience in training, if they offer corporate training then chances are they train to a professional standard.

Selenium automation tool can offer you a chance to improve your skills or your programming capabilities today. Check online to find a wide selection of courses, or simply visit  This website will provide a clear outline for a Selenium training course, giving you an idea of what best to look for.

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