Mar 1, 2021

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A Rugged and Serviceable UTV Side by Side in Dawson Creek, BC, and Alberta

UTVs, or Utility Terrain Vehicles, are designed for practical use, like work or transportation. They’re powerful and large enough to seat side-by-side passengers with storage space, as well. Their mid-sized all-terrain configuration makes them ideal for hauling supplies and equipment in areas that are impossible or impractical for a truck.

What is a UTV Side by Side?

A UTV is a small and rugged off-road vehicle, similar to an ATV but intended for more practical use. Depending on its design, a side by side UTV in Dawson Creek can typically seat one to six people next to each other and work off-road using four-wheel drive. Although the seating and purpose differ from an ATV, a UTV does have a comparable powertrain that shares much of the all-terrain capability.

UTV Features

As a utility application, a UTV‘s design is intended to transport passengers or cargo. It may include a cargo bed and boxes. A side by side UTV in Dawson Creek travels at a top speed of about 40 kph and can adapt to various environments by running on gas, electric, or diesel fuel. A UTV can also feature four-wheel independent suspension and hold up against abrupt terrain using long-travel springs and shocks.

Safety Features

A side by side typically comes with a rollover structure for protection and can feature a windshield and hardtop or a closed passenger area. Additional safety features can include seat belts and hand and leg barriers as added protection against rollovers.

An Employee-Owned and Best Managed Company

For commercial and agricultural equipment or a UTV side by side provided by a Canada Best Managed John Deere dealership in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and Northern Alberta, contact PrairieCoast equipment at 1-800-663-0818.

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