Apr 7, 2015

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A Quick Look at French Doors in San Diego CA

A Quick Look at French Doors in San Diego CA

Homeowners who are looking to introduce more natural lighting into their home often choose French Doors in San Diego CA. Coming in a variety of styles, designs and sizes, these doors are the ideal way to brighten the interior of any room, while creating a sense of space and sophistication.

What Are French Doors?

Also referred to as “French windows,” quality French doors for home in San Diego CA are composed of one or more panels of glass. Though traditionally installed in pairs, many homeowners and interior designers are coming up with unique ways to incorporate these doors in a variety of home settings. These doors are most commonly used:

*To provide access to patios and gardens

*To divide balconies from indoor living spaces

*To serve as a divider between dining and living areas

This style of door hasn’t regularly been used as a front door in the past due to security concerns. However the introduction of tougher and better insulated glass is beginning to cause an upwards trend toward the French door being used as the primary entryway into the home.

The History of French Doors

Contrary to what many may suspect, the French doors were born in Italy during the Italian Renaissance and not in France. As this was a time before the existence of electricity, the door was created with the goal of allowing for more daylight to enter the home as well as add balance to a home’s interior and exterior. The style was introduced to France after the 16th century, where it then became an increasingly popular option for homes throughout all of Europe.

The Benefit of French Doors

The French doors bring a host of benefits to the home, including:

Allowing sunlight to stream into a home’s interior without affecting the temperature inside (today’s modern homes come with insulated glass)

*Tying outdoor living spaces (such as a patio or outdoor kitchen) in with indoor living spaces

*Visually expanding the boundaries of a room, allowing the room to appear larger than it is

*Acting as a visual divider between your outdoor and indoor living space, as well as between indoor living areas

*Creating a natural flow between rooms which can also be closed off if necessary (i.e. to create a sound barrier, to conserve heat, etc.)

Explore Your Options

Homeowners are given a number of options to ensure that they receive the right door for their home. Some of these options include:

*The Door’s Swing: Depending on your living space, you may want to opt for an in-swing or out-swing fitting for your door

*The Glass: Homeowners can choose to have a different type of glass put into the door to accommodate their specific needs. For doors that receive direct sunlight, consider coated or tinted options (this will prevent having your furnishings, artwork and flooring from fading). For added privacy, consider opaque glass. Doors that are outdoors can be double-paned or be made of low emissivity glass.

*The Security: The French door experts at US Window and Door will be able to assess your security needs and ensure that you have a door that will keep the home safe and protected.

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