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At some point or another in their lifetime, most people will experience some sort of pain in the feet, toes, or ankles. While many people will have the pain go away on its own, some may need to see a doctor. Today there are doctors that specialize in feet and ankles. A Podiatrist Kenosha, WI is a foot doctor that services patients in the Kenosha, WI area.

A Podiatrist can help with sores, blisters, and pain on the bottom of the feet. They can treat bunions too. A bunion may not start out painful, but will be later on. Making an appointment sooner rather than later can prevent the need for surgery. This specialist can cover all of the treatment options for bunions, including non-surgical and surgical. Many of these doctors offer free consultations and payment plans.

One common reason people seek out the assistance of a Podiatrist is for heel pain. This type of pain can occur at any stage or age of life. It is a common pain in children as well as adults. A Podiatrist Kenosha, WI can find out the reason for the pain, make a diagnosis, and work with the patient on a treatment plan. Treatment may include therapies that can easily be done at home, such as stretching out the foot, applying ice to the painful area, NSAIDs, and orthopedic measures. Once the cause is pinpointed, they can work with the patient on preventing injury and pain, and go over all of the available options for treatments.

There are many areas of the foot and ankle that can hurt. This can include the sensitive arch area and the heel. These specialists can treat foot issues fro diabetes and work with the patient on preventing new diabetes related foot problems. For those that are interested, they can offer holistic options and conservative options. Surgery does not have to be the go to answer. Whatever your personal foot or feet issue is, they can help. Ankle injuries are also another area that they specialize in. This includes slips, trips, falls, and sports related injuries.

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